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Who Works with Global Conversations?

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International organizations and their leaders who are working on large-scale environmental challenges that have global impact work with Global Conversations.

These organizations know their environmental policies need to change and the challenge is huge. For example, China has to clean up the air in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics and sustain the reduced levels of pollution and greenhouse gases.

The Chinese government knows that to achieve this Olympic goal they must change their internal and external conversations and truly engage the general public, business leaders, and environmental stakeholders. A clean environment conversation is essential to meeting national and international commitments.

Mary has been the primary conversation architect and coach with a number of government organizations in China. These projects include a multi-year environmental project focused on climate change as well as a water resource management program. Her approach is to build a collaborative working environment that values two-way communications both within government agencies and between the government and its citizens. It is important that the key project leaders understand the role and value of communications so that they can build strong two-way conversations with their community-level partners. This is the leadership and collaboration that China requires if it is to create a sustainable future that will have a positive impact on the world.

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