Global Conversations

“We need stronger leadership skills.”

In a constantly changing and turbulent environment, organizations need the flexibility and the capacity to adapt to both large-scale and more localized economic, political, environmental, and social stresses. Their leaders need both “strategic” and “people” skills to guide and facilitate the organization and its employees through often uncharted territory and subsequent change.

So what are the “inner conversations” of these leaders and how do they differ from other leaders? What’s their impact on the organization’s culture and how do they make the difference that results in success? This is the focus of Mary’s coaching with emerging leaders and those who recognize the need to develop stronger leadership skills within their organizations.

“Sustainable results require a collaborative approach.”

In China, the competitive spirit is very much alive. What is needed is a greater appreciation of and commitment to collaboration and contribution, so that government agencies begin working together to resolve their many environmental challenges and create a future that is healthy and sustainable.

This is the basis for a Water Resources Demand Management Project in Northern China. Coaching has been integrated into the communications strategy to enable relationships to develop and all voices to be heard. Key project leaders have experienced coaching and learned a number of the skills. The goal is a sustainable resource of water for all that is managed with the input of all. This is deep democracy in the making.

“What’s my contribution?”

One of Mary’s clients was holding on to an old conversation about professional success that was no longer true for him. Though he had reached his goal of being a partner in his firm, Tom now wanted something more than just professional success. He realized that he had given all his energy to the firm and now at 52 years old, he felt that was not enough for him. He wanted there to be more to his life, but didn’t know what to do with this nagging desire. He came to Global Conversations with the question, “How do I define what’s next for me?”

With coaching Tom revisited his values around success, clarified his goals, and explored new possibilities for the future. While creating an action plan that included a new perspective on work and his future, he realized that what was most important to him now was to use his talents to make a significant contribution to his community. Together through coaching, Tom explored and set in motion a definition of his legacy work. That led to a new conversation for Tom about his commitment not only to leadership at work, but also to making a larger contribution in his community.